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Crochet answers: Yes you can. But take your favorite packed just in case. I travel a lot including trips to Ecuador, Greece, Israel, Budapest, and many other countries in Europe just in the last year alone. I have brought my looming projects and my hook every time with no problems. So yes, take it along and enjoy!!.

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Pack your needles and yarn in a clear pencil case or makeup bag to keep them safe. Make sure you place this case in a bin on the conveyor belt as you pass through security so.

Knitting has become cool even in tropical climates. Australia is still one of the world's biggest wool producers. A post-war wool boom led to overproduction and a glut of supply, eventually.


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UK & Ireland are not in the Schengen zone and are able to set their own rules. UK does allow knitting needles on flights. So, if you are flying from UK to Germany on a British carrier you’d probably be able to knit on the plane. But you’d have to check the knitting in the hold for the return. I’d use interchangeable needles and have end.

Pack bamboo or plastic knitting needles instead of aluminum / metal ones. Choose only the needles you need for the flight. Pack the rest in your checked bag if you have one..